Quarterback Training

one on One training

Every session follows a structured plan customized for each quarterback; our focus is entirely on you. Our approach is demanding, detail-oriented and high energy. Be prepared to work, to think and to get better.

Each session begins with a warm-up and progresses through the fundamentals and technical aspects of playing the quarterback position. Drills and exercises are selected and implemented strategically to meet needs of each quarterback. All sessions are recorded and we provide immediate film review and mechanics feedback. We will also provide workout notes to take home to reinforce points of emphasis, proper technique and mechanics between sessions. We conclude each session with self-reflection. Being able to honestly and openly self-assess personal strengths and weaknesses is critical to a quarterback’s development.

At the core of our work is the relationship and trust between athlete and coach;we believe there is no better setting for building this relationship than the one-on-one environment. One-on-one training is the foundation of what we do.

Small Group Training

In Groups of 4-5 quarterback, we introduce the under-center and gun game —How they’re different, the timing, and the pace you’ll need to be consistently successful on the field. We simulate game-like conditions and emphasize footwork and throwing mechanics in an ideal and contested environments.You’ll learn to throw every kind of ball —the hard ball, the soft ball, the long ball, the short ball, the trajectory ball, the flat ball. We’ll work quick, intermediate and deep game. Following drill work, we throw these routes on air to create chemistry in the passing game and emphasize the theme of the session.

Finally, we gather in a circle and talk about strengths and weaknesses. It’s an important moment to be in front of your peers sharing what you need OT work on. Theres a sense of vulnerability that you’ll need at this position because whether you like it or not, you’re out there. As a QB, everybody sees(and has an opinion on) what you’re doing. Being able to listen, to communicate and know yourself is a critical skill. Once everyone has a chance to speak, we conclude with a prayer.



1 Day a Week


2 Days a Week


3 Days a Week

Program Benefits

High Intensity

FIlm Review / Mechanics Feedback

Injury Prevention

Foundational strength development

Learn to
love training

identify position potention

Increased Speed/Agility

mental focus