Elite Level Training

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VALUE the talent and ability that has been given us to ACHIEVE all our goals through strength and fearlessness; as we LEAD each other to the next level by being able to OVERCOME trials, tribulations, challenges and battles; while maintaining RESPECT for the VALOR

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Junior Training Program

This program provides an introduction to speed, agility and conditioning training, as well as full body strength development to ensure injury prevention and performance.

High School Performance Training

Elite athlete training services offer the top performance training programs for high school athletes in the Utah/Salt Lake County area.  This training program is designed to prepare you to perform at your best and give you the EDGE over the competition.

Position/Sport Specific Conditioning & Strength/Skill Development

7 on 7

Team Development

  • Weekly skill development
  • Speed/Agility
  • Character Coaching
  • Film Study
  • Former College/Professional Coaches


  • Up to 5 Major tournaments per year
  • 7v7 local passing league
  • Regional/National tournaments
  • Compete against the best


  • Showcases
  • College camps
  • NCAA Clearinghouse
  • Recruitment help